Jewellery in Edmonton implements new security system

jewellery smoke security system

Jewellery is probably one of the most stolen businesses, but a store in Edmonton going to have a new security system: robbers will be blinding with smoke.

“We’ve had attempted robberies almost every year for the last 30 years,” owner Clinton Beck Jewellery, who explained this in an interview with Global News.

“In this business, we have millions of dollars of diamonds and gold and treasures, things like that. You need to be proactive in protecting that.”, said.

Beck has always used the more typical defence mechanisms: security film on the glass, bars on the windows and doors and magnetic locks preventing customers from entering or leaving the store without a staff member’s OK, but all his attempts have not been able to prevent thefts.

So Beck decided to invest in a smoke machine from Dragon’s Breath Security. He likes it so much he bought into the company.

How this systems works for the Jewellery

He said this artefact is effective: “they can no longer see anything inside the business. You can’t stumble around inside looking for something to steal. So basically, it ends the robbery at that point in time.”

In June, Beck Antiques Jewellery was broken into. Thieves used a makeshift battering ram in the back of a minivan to smash through the film, glass and bars all at once.

“The smoke machine then deployed and then made it impossible for them to see, so they had to leave immediately. So it really limits the amount of loss and damage,” Beck said.

The unit Beck purchased cost about $7,000 and can fill a space of 400 cubic metres in about 30 seconds and leaving no residue. Maybe is a good deal.

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